Did You Find that Perfect House, but the Price isn’t Just Right?


Ready set – go? You found a house you really like, but it is just out of reach price wise.

Knowing how to negotiate to buy a house at the right price could help you avoid losing that house later because the payments are too high. One suggestion is to get a pre-approved loan, figure out what will work for your budget and look for houses at or below that amount. You don’t have to buy a house for the total amount you have been pre-approved for. Some experts suggest up to 25% of your monthly income should be spent on a mortgage. Making offers on houses that are below your pre-approval amount is a good idea because the seller is certain you will get approval on a loan for their house.

If you find   a house that is absolutely perfect, but is slightly above your maximum purchase price, you may be able to get the house for that price if you offer an amount below the asking price. The seller will come back with a counter offer. Here are some ways that the seller can counter your offer

  • Move up the closing date
  • Rent the home for time after the closing
  • Increase the earnest money
  • Exclude personal property like the refrigerator or washer and dryer
  • Modify the option period allowing the buyer less time to make a final decision

The number of counter offers depends on how far apart the buyer and seller is, and how far each person is willing to move toward the other person’s offer. A seller is asking $220,000 and the buyer can only afford $210,000. The offer needs to be below $210,000 so that the buyer and seller can meet in the middle. There is a delicate balance on making that initial offer. The seller could outright reject the offer or counter the offer by coming down on the price. They could also stay at their asking price.

So the offer could start at $195,000 and see where the seller moves on the price and other aspects. If the seller moves down to only $209,000, there is a good chance they are not willing to go down to $210,000. If the seller counters with $205,000 then you may eventually get the house at your price.

As the negotiations or offers and counter offers go back and forth the seller may include things like the ones listed above. They could come down on the price but move up the date for closing, for example.


It is best not to go above the amount you have in your budget for a house. You will need money in reserves to pay for repairs and unexpected expenses that come up in your every day life. Read more about negotiating buying a home so that you can be prepared when you are ready to buy your next home.

Contact Kinship Real Estate, your home buying friend when you need to sell fast.   We can make a fair cash offer or discuss other options so that you can sell your house as-is to us. We can close in less than 30 days. You don’t have to pay Realtors commissions.


Kinship Real Estate is positioned to help you make the sale of your house potentially seamless. Feel free to contact us. If we can’t help your directly, we may just be able to refer you to resources that can help you.

Check the list below for the various ways to connect with us.


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