Moving Day? Taking Your Pets with You?


Are you moving to a new place with dogs or cats? Follow these suggestions and it is likely the transition will be easier. Dogs and cats are creatures of habit. When you first move, let your pet get acclimated to your new place. Here are some suggestions on ways to make moving less stressful for everyone.                     ik

Moving with Cats

Consider boarding the cat while you move items out of the old house and into the new one.

Use a Feliway diffuser in the old house a few days before the move. Set up one in the new house about 24 hours before arriving for the new place. The Feliway diffuser helps cats stay calm while their family moves to a new place.

Take the cat carrier out and allow the cat to explore it. The cat may sleep in it.

If you keep the cat at home, put the cat in one room with food, water, cat litter and toys.

On the day of the move, keep the door closed where . Post something on the door reminding the movers there is a cat inside.

Move everything out of the house and then pick up the cat.

Once you arrive at the new house, set up the room for the cat. It can go inside the new room with the door closed as you get all the things in your house and set up.


Moving with Dogs

Before selecting an apartment or house for rent, make sure that the new place will allow your dog to live with you. Some landlords only allow certain breeds and certain sizes. Be sure to select a house or apartment where your dog is welcome.

Fit the dog with collars or harnesses, ID tags with your contact information on them. If something happens to the dog tags, you may want to consider adding a microchip.

Take care of any health issues with the vet before moving.

If possible board your dog or have your dog visit a friend.

If you are not boarding the dog, keep the dog confined to one room with toys, a place to sleep, food and water.

On moving day, put small dogs in a pet carrier. For larger dogs, keep them on a leash.

When you arrive, put your dog in a room while the movers are unloading the truck.

Take long walks with your dog. It will become familiar with the neighborhood and may allow you to meet your neighbors.

Be patient. It may take your dog several days or as long as a week to get adjusted to the new place.

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